Understand token revocation consequences
on Jun 19, 2024

In Status Communities, you need tokens to access token-gated communities or channels, or to become TokenMaster. You can get tokens through airdrops, a way of distributing tokens for free to eligible users. You can also get tokens by buying them.

The Owner or TokenMaster roles can take back the community tokens they gave you via airdrop anytime. This action can change your role and access in the community or channel, depending on the type and function of the token.

The Owner is the only one who can revoke the TokenMaster role. They can also transfer their Owner role and token, but nobody (not even Status) can take away the Owner role or token from them.

Some tokens don't give you any special access or powers. Nothing changes for you if the Owner or TokenMaster revoke them.

  • The Owner or TokenMaster can only revoke community tokens that they gave you. They can't take away tokens you bought or received from someone else.
  • Tokens include ERC-20 assets, collectibles (NFTs) and ENS names. The Owner or TokenMaster can use these tokens to grant access to communities or special roles.
  • When the community Owner or TokenMaster role revokes your tokens, you may lose access to certain areas or functions in the community.
  • If you own an ENS name, no one can revoke this from you, but you can lose access to certain areas or functions in the community based on your ENS name.

Here are the tokens that you might encounter in a Status Community:

Token typeFunction
Owner tokenA collectible that works as proof of community ownership. This token grants the Owner role.
TokenMaster tokenA collectible that grants the TokenMaster role to their holders.
Entry tokenAny token that grants access to a token-gated community or channel.
No function tokenIt's a token to hold or trade, but it doesn't grant any special rights or privileges.

When the community Owner or TokenMaster role revokes your tokens, the outcome depends on the type and function of the token and whether the community is token-gated or not. Here is what you can expect:

Token typeToken-gated community?Token revoked?Outcome
Owner tokenN/AIrrevocableNo change
TokenMaster tokenYesYesKicked from community
TokenMaster tokenYesNoRetains TokenMaster role and membership
TokenMaster tokenNoYesLoses TokenMaster role but retains membership
TokenMaster tokenNoNoRetains TokenMaster role and membership
Entry tokenYesYesKicked from community
Entry tokenYesNoRetains membership
Entry tokenNoN/ARetains membership
No function tokenN/AIrrelevantNo change
Kicks out are not permanent. You can rejoin the community by getting the same token again. You also need the Owner's approval in communities with an approval request.
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