Founded in 2017, Status has grown to over 90 core contributors. The last 18 months has been a period of growth, attracting a large community who ardently seek to defend human rights.

Who are we?

Jarrad Hope and Carl Bennetts envisioned the organisation while thinking about how online forums and games incubated communities with a multitude of unique cultures, and how the freedom that birthed these communities was at risk from the growing digital panopticon.Help build a free digital world

Why Status?

Governments, big tech, and bureaucracies siphon people’s data, sell it to the highest bidder, or use this data as a tool to maintain the surveillance state. Jarrad and Carl saw this as an unconscionable affront to human decency, solidifying the goals and focus of the organisation.View our manifesto

Where are we?

Status has grown from two in 2017 to over 90 core contributors in 2023. It has developed most rapidly in the last 18 months, attracting a large community who ardently seek to build software that defends human rights. The org is positioned to generate waves in the crypto ecosystem.Be part of the privacy revolution

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Our Network

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Building the tools & nurturing the culture of the network state movement.

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Nomos is a novel blockchain project that will address a network state's fundamental need for adaptable privacy and sovereignty.

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A family of robust, censorship-resistant communication protocols designed to enable privacy-focused messaging for web3 apps.


Codex is a durable, decentralised data storage protocol, created so the world community can preserve its most important knowledge.

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Vac builds public good protocols for the decentralised web, with a focus on privacy and communication.