Help translate Status

We need your help to translate Status, so that together we can bring privacy and free speech to the people everywhere, including those who need it most.


Together we can achieve an ambitious mission

The mission of protecting freedom and human rights worldwide is ambitious, and not something any single organisation can achieve on its own. But with many minds working in concert, we have a chance of making online free speech a global reality for all.

Status seeks to grow its community of like minded individuals dedicated to this cause by translating content across a variety of languages. To do this, we need your help!

Are you bilingual? Do you understand blockchain and decentralised technologies and can explain these concepts in easy to understand words in your native language? Assist with translating Status to help remove the language barriers that can prevent some from accessing the tools that help enable freedom.

Reach out to help

Reach out to us if you would like to contribute to translations. If you are interested in learning more about translating our content, please visit our forum where the Status translation community lives and join in the discussion.

Start translating

Tell us how you want to contribute, and we can find a way to work together.