About the management roles in Status Communities
on Jun 19, 2024

Three roles collaborate in the Status Community administration and maintenance tasks: Owner, TokenMaster and Admin.

Users who create a community in Status receive the Owner role automatically. Community Owners can designate other users as TokenMasters or Admins.

A community can have just one Owner, but there can be multiple Admins and TokenMasters.

As a community Owner, you don't have to appoint TokenMasters and Admins, but they can be helpful if you're managing a large community or event. For example, Admins can help moderate the community and TokenMasters can create tokens and set permissions.

  • When you create a community, you automatically become the Owner. Owners can perform every action within the community, including minting TokenMaster tokens to other users' wallets.
  • Users with a TokenMaster token in their wallet become TokenMasters. They can mint new tokens (except TokenMaster tokens) and set permissions.
  • Admins have fewer permissions than TokenMasters and the Owner. They can moderate the community and accept or reject membership requests, but they can't create tokens or change permissions.
  • Only community Owners can appoint other members as TokenMasters or Admins. As TokenMasters can mint tokens (except TokenMaster tokens), they can also appoint Admins. Community members can accept or decline these roles.

You can see the differences between the three management roles below. To learn more about all roles, including those of regular members, check out Permissions by role in Status Communities.

Role featureOwnerTokenMasterAdmin
Hierarchy levelHighestSecond-highestThird-highest
Number in communityOnly one, inherentMultiple, optionalMultiple, optional
Permission scopeAll actionsAll actions, except managing TokenMaster tokensLimited control, including moderation and membership approval
Token managementCreate, mint, remote-destruct and airdrop all tokensCreate, mint, remote-destruct and airdrop all tokens, except TokenMaster tokensNot possible
Member administrationFull permissionsCan administer members, Admin roles, permissions and tokens, except TokenMaster tokensCan administer community members
Kick or ban membersAll members, including the TokenMasterAdmins and community membersCommunity members
Only Owners can transfer the community ownership to others.
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