Token-based access to communities and channels
on Jul 18, 2024

Status app is currently in beta stage
The Status app is currently in its beta stage. This means the application is still undergoing active development, and certain features described in this document may function differently or be unavailable within the app.
You can only set up token-based access using Status desktop.

In the Status app, community Owners and admins can use token-based permissions to limit access and organize their communities and channels.

As a community Owner, you can set up token-based permissions in the community as a whole and individual channels within it. You can set up open communities with specific token-gated channels or token-gated communities that require owning specific tokens for access.

Both community Owners and admins can define token-based permission using the Status desktop app. For more information, check out Permissions by role in Status Communities.

To set up different access levels in your community, you start with a token.

  1. Choose one or more tokens you want to use. This can be an existing token (such as DAI, SNT or an ENS name), a new token you mint or a token you import into the community.
  2. Create a new community-level or channel-level permission using the token.
  3. You can now token-gate access to your community or its channels. For ideas on using these token-based permissions, check out Using token-based access in your community.

Let's explore some examples of using token-based access in your Status community.

As a content creator, you can set up a Status community for your fans. By minting and airdropping tokens, you can give certain fans access to an exclusive channel where you release content before it's available elsewhere, adding value to your community.

As a community Owner, you can use token-based permissions to restrict access and delegate administrative functions to specific token holders. For more information, check out Delegate admin functions to community members.

You're always in control of your community permissions. You can remove permissions or revoke permissions based on tokens.

If you're organizing an event, you can create a Status community for it. By minting tokens for a VIP channel, you can give VIP ticket holders access to exclusive information, like behind-the-scenes content or private meet-and-greets. For more information, check out Grant exclusive access with tokens.

If you run a business, you can create a community to share updates about your business. You can mint tokens for specific channels, granting access only to your employees or trusted partners. This approach allows you to share sensitive updates and discussions without risking public exposure. Check out Set up a view-only channel and Set up a token-gated channel for more information.

As a hobbyist, you can create a community around your hobby. By minting tokens, you can grant access to channels where fellow members can share specialized knowledge or engage in specific discussions. Check out Set up a token-gated community for more information.

Using token-based access, you can attract and engage like-minded individuals who are genuinely committed to your community purpose.
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on Jul 18, 2024
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