Grant exclusive access with tokens
on Apr 03, 2024

Status app is currently in beta stage
The Status app is currently in its beta stage. This means the application is still undergoing active development, and certain features described in this document may function differently or be unavailable within the app.

As a community owner in Status, you can use tokens to create different access levels within your community. These levels apply to both the community overall and individual channels within it. This approach helps to keep your community engaging and organized.

For example, you can use tokens to organize a conference with community access limited to token holders and exclusive channels just for speakers. If you are an artist or content creator, you can set up a community for your fans and give certain fans access to exclusive channels where you release new content.

The options are many, allowing you to create an environment tailored to your community's needs. For more examples of using tokens to provide exclusive access to your community, check out Token-based access to communities and channels.

If you use a Status Community to organize a conference or event, you might want a community open to all interested individuals. Yet, you also need a space just for the speakers.

With tokens, you can limit access to your community only to the individuals invested in the conference topic. Additionally, you can create an exclusive channel within the community, only accessible to the event speakers. This provides a platform for them to discuss and collaborate on the conference preparation.

You start minting the community tokens you need to organize the event. In this particular example, we consider a general-access token for attendees and a VIP-access token only for speakers.

  1. Mint a new collectible to grant general access to the event attendees.
  2. Customize the general-access collectible options. For example, you may want to turn on
    Unlimited supply
    and turn off the
    Not transferable (Soulbound)
  3. Mint a collectible to grant exclusive access to the event speakers.
  4. Configure the VIP-access collectible options. In this case, you may want to turn off
    Unlimited supply
    and turn on the
    Not transferable (Soulbound)
    Remote self-destruct
You can't change the collectible description or options after minting.

To create the permissions, check out Set up your community permissions. In this example, you create two different permissions using the tokens from the previous step:

  • Community-level permission to grant general access to the conference attendees.
  • Channel-level permission to grant exclusive channel access to the event speakers.

You may want to configure these permissions as follows:

ScopeApplies toOptions
Community-levelAttendees and speakers
  • Who holds
    : Your general-access token
  • Is allowed to
    : Become member
  • In
    : Your community
Channel-levelSpeakers only
  • Who holds
    : Your VIP-access token
  • Is allowed to
    : Become member
  • In
    : Your exclusive speakers-only channel
You can also set up exclusive access to communities or channels for holders of a particular ENS domain (for example, alice.acme.eth or bob.acme.eth).

After you create the permissions, you can distribute the tokens via airdrops to all the conference's participants:

  1. Airdrop the general-access token to the conference attendees and speakers.
  2. Airdrop the VIP-access token to the conference speakers only.