Replace your community's control node
on Feb 20, 2024

The computer where you create your Status Community and every computer where you run Status desktop and restore your community's private key becomes a community control node. You can replace the Status desktop running as the control node if you need to reinstall Status desktop or it becomes unavailable.

The community control node maintains your community's settings, configuration and functionality. Keep the Status desktop app where you set up your community running and connected to the internet as much as possible, or at least once every six days.

Don't use more than one installation of Status desktop as your community's control node. Running your community with multiple control nodes will cause unforeseen issues and increase your community's bandwidth requirements.

Here are the steps to set up a new Status desktop installation as the community control node. You need a backup of your community's private key and your profile's recovery phrase to complete this process.

Only proceed if you have a copy of your community's private key and recovery phrase. If you proceed without this information, you will lose your Status profile and community.
  1. If you can still access the initial Status desktop app acting as the control node, uninstall this app.
  2. Using the same computer or a different one, reinstall Status desktop with the same Status profile you used to create your community. Don't import your community's private key yet.
  3. Verify that your profile in both the new and the previous Status desktop installations are in sync. The sync process may take some time to complete.
  4. After the synchronisation process, remove your original Status desktop from the list of synchronized devices.
  5. On the new Status desktop installation, restore your Status Community by importing the community's private key.