Understand the Owner and TokenMaster tokens
on Feb 20, 2024

Status app is currently in beta stage
The Status app is currently in its beta stage. This means the application is still undergoing active development, and certain features described in this document may function differently or be unavailable within the app.

To administer your community in Status, you can mint the Owner and TokenMaster tokens. With the Owner token, you have complete control over the community, including transferring your community's ownership or minting other tokens.

When you mint the Owner token, you also mint the TokenMaster token in the same process. After minting, you can airdrop the TokenMaster token to other community members and share the community administration workload.

Creating a community doesn't create the Owner or TokenMaster tokens automatically.

You become the community owner and your computer becomes the community control node when you create a Status Community.

Minting your community's Owner and TokenMaster tokens is optional but has significant advantages. With the Owner token, you can:

  • Restore your community's ownership if you lose access to your computer.
  • Transfer your community's ownership to someone else.
  • Mint and airdrop other community tokens.
  • Assign the TokenMaster token and role to someone to help you administer the community.
If you don't mint the Owner token and your computer becomes unavailable, you lose access to your community forever. In this scenario, the community remains active with minimal functionality, but without Owner and control node (orphaned community).

The Owner and TokenMaster tokens have different functions and properties. Check out these tables to understand the differences between the two tokens.

You can identify the Owner token by the
crown icon. The TokenMaster token has a
crypto-coins icon.

Token featureOwner tokenTokenMaster token
Community ownershipHolder is the ownerHolder is not the owner
TransferableYes, to change community's ownershipNon-transferrable (soulbound)
Permissions grantedOwner role with full privilegesTokenMaster role
Delegate administrative functionsHolder can designate TokenMasters and AdminsHolders can designate Admins
Restore communityYesNo
Replace the community's control nodeYesNo
Check out About the management roles in Status Communities to learn the differences among the Owner, TokenMaster and Admin roles.

Token featureOwner tokenTokenMaster token
SupplyOnly oneUnlimited
Token mintingHolder can mint any tokenHolders can mint tokens, except the Owner and TokenMaster tokens
Airdrop and destroy community tokensHolder can airdrop and destroy any tokenHolders can airdrop and destroy tokens, except the TokenMaster token
Token assignmentAutomatic airdrop to Owner's Status WalletOwner manually airdrops the token to holders
Wallet transaction after minting the tokenMinting and airdrop transactionsMinting transaction