V1.4 Release – Keycard Integration and Notifications for Android

V1.4 Release – Keycard Integration and Notifications for Android

on Jun 23, 2020

In version 1.4, Status introduces two highly anticipated features to make your Status experience more convenient and secure – an integration with Keycard and notifications (both features available on Android only for now).

Keycard - the secure, contactless hardware wallet, is also designed and developed by The Status Network. This integration enables Keycard holders to store their private keys offline on the Keycard device, add hardware-enforced authorizations to all of their transactions, and introduce two-factor authentication to log into their Status account. To learn more about the Keycard integration - read the press release here.

Version 1.4 includes one of our most-requested features - notifications. We needed a privacy-first approach to notifications so opted out of the standard Android and iOS centralized push notifications. Instead of leveraging a centralized database, when our message relayers, called mailservers, receive a message, we don’t know who it is to or who it is from. It’s just a message waiting to be distributed and unlocked by someone with the perfect key.

V1.4 also includes the introduction of browser support for EIP 1139 – A JavaScript Ethereum Provider API for consistency across clients and applications.

Beyond that, version 1.4 includes some updates to the FAQ, extended translation support, and some fixes to ENS username displays, QR code scanner and more.

Update in the App or Playstore if you do not have auto updates enabled.

The APK available is here.

For the full change-log, see our Github.

  • Keycard integration on Android
  • Browser support for eip-1193
  • Notifications (Android)
  • Content type for images in preparation of ‘Images in chat’ release

  • Extended and consolidated FAQ
  • Extended translation support
  • Animation in header (Profile + Wallet)

  • ENS in chat only when transaction is confirmed
  • Updated and expanded token icons
  • Resolved error on scrolling account view
  • Parse markdown in subheader chat list
  • Banner to back up seed phrase tappable
  • QR code scanning issue when scanning from
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