v1.14 - New Keycard Features and UX improvements

v1.14 - New Keycard Features and UX improvements

on Jun 09, 2021

Status v1.14 introduces a number of new features and improvements to the Keycard experience as well as a suite of updates to the messenger, wallet, and browser. Update and install here.

Removal of PUK and Pairing Codes from onboarding - Version 1.14 removes the PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) and pairing codes from the onboarding process. These codes can now be optionally set under Profile >> Keycard. The PUK code is required if you forget your PIN and would like to reset it. The pairing code is used if you would like to use your Keycard with another device.

*Reminder, you can always reset the card with the associated 12-word mnemonic phrase should you choose not to manually set a PUK or pairing code.

Factory Reset - You can now easily factory reset your Keycard. This is useful if you are using Keycard with a new Status account and simply need a hard reset of your smartcard. Factory reset simply reinstalls the Keycard applet.

Keycard Account Recovery - You can now recover or backup a Keycard directly from the Status login screen. Recovery will require the mnemonic phrase associated with the Keycard. You can also use the mnemonic phrase to reset frozen or blocked Keycards.

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Highlight posts that mention you - Bringing Status closer to feature parity with other mainstream Web2 messengers, posts in which you are mentioned will be highlighted for better visibility.

Unread messages counter for mentions - You will now see the number of unread messages in which you are mentioned inside of public channels. No more endless scrolling to see if you have been @ mentioned. If you have unread messages but none of which you are mentioned in, you will simply see the standard blue dot next to the public channel from the chat homescreen.

Manage sync chat history - We have added a new setting that allows you to manage how long you sync messages. Prior to this update, messages were only synced for 24 hours but now you can sync messages for up to one month - a useful setting if you forget to open Status for an extended period of time.

Update in the App Store or Google Play if you do not have auto updates enabled.

Status is also now available on F-Droid

The APK available is here.

For the full changelog, see Github.


  • Highlight posts that mention you
  • Remove PUK and Pairing Code screen from Keycard onboarding
  • Added unread messages count for messages with mentions in public chats
  • Sync history setting allowing to sync chat history up to 1 month


  • “My profile” button for simplification of finding own public key
  • Factory reset option is available on account creation and recovery flows
  • Allow the creation of recovery/backup Keycard from the login interface
  • Reset blocked and/or frozen Keycards
  • Show cached balance


  • Pending transactions are stored in the database and shown on history screen after re-login (details)
  • Multiple fixes for keycard
  • Fixes for resolving ENS name from chat key
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