Status Apps, Keycard Pro, and ??: Here’s Our 6-Month Plan!

Status Apps, Keycard Pro, and ??: Here’s Our 6-Month Plan!

on Jun 10, 2024

As we near the public launch of Status Desktop and Status Mobile, we’re looking ahead at what’s next. We have some exciting announcements coming up (and a few ideas that we’ll be revealing more details about very soon!)

Read on to learn more about our six-month development game plan for the Status apps, Keycard Pro, and another soon-to-be-revealed initiative.

We’ve been hard at work building Status Desktop and overhauling Status Mobile ahead of our super apps’ upcoming releases. Mark your calendars and get ready for the future of decentralised messaging and web3 socials combined with a wallet experience that’s going to revolutionise the multichain game.

We’ll be releasing our second Status Desktop Beta later this week. For this release, we focused on stabilising everything included in the initial Status Desktop Beta release. While there won’t be any new features in Status Desktop Beta 2.0, we have addressed a lot of issues!

Once we release Status Desktop Beta 2.0, we recommend updating to the new version as soon as possible. We need the Status community to help us identify and fix as many remaining issues as we can before we declare the app ready for public release.

If you spot something behaving in a way that you wouldn’t expect, report it to us. If you don’t know how to report a bug, consult this guide.

Hot on the heels of Status Desktop Beta 2.0 comes the Status Mobile Beta release. This release brings Status Mobile’s functionality up to speed with that of the recently released Desktop Betas. If you signed up for test-flight access to the Status Mobile Beta, you’ll be receiving your early access token to the wallet address you submitted very soon.

We’re targeting the week starting 17 June for this release. Keep your eyes peeled – more information on how to access the Status Mobile Beta is coming very soon!

Following the Desktop and Mobile Beta releases, we’ll be back at work putting the finishing touches to the apps ahead of their public releases. This is a big one for us – years of development work have gone into them!

We’re currently targeting the end of August for launching our first full non-beta app releases.  But software development is software development, and we still have a lot of work in front of us, so treat this date as our aspiration, not a promise… We’ll do everything we can to get our apps launched by the end of August because we can’t wait for you all to experience Status in the way we originally intended it.

After the public launches of Status Desktop and Status Mobile, we’ll continue working to stabilise the applications. Once the apps have been out in the wild for a few months, we’ll no doubt have plenty of bug fixes to address for the v2 launches later this year!

The Status Desktop and Status Mobile v2 launches are tentatively planned for October.

If you’ve been following Status on X or Keycard on X, you’ve probably noticed that we’re working on a new hardware wallet product.

Keycard Pro will bring full hardware wallet capabilities to your existing Keycard, including fully air-gapped private key generation; keypair importing from recovery phrase; an in-built camera for scanning static and dynamic QR codes; a 2” TFT screen; and a future-proof, replaceable battery.

Consistent with Status’ principles, all the software needed to use Keycard Pro will be fully open-source, and Keycard Pro’s hardware is being built to comply with the Open Source Hardware Association’s standards. We also want to make hardware-grade crypto security accessible to all. That’s why we’re building Keycard Pro with the least expensive components that still ensure the most robust protection for cryptocurrencies available.

We expect to be able to reveal more concrete release dates for Keycard Pro later this year. For now, stay tuned to Status on X for consistent development progress updates.

We can’t talk about this one too much just yet as we’re still finalising the details, but we can say that you’ll want to keep your eyes on our socials over the next few days.

Something big is in the works, and we’ll need SNT hodlers to mobilise to help steer its direction. All will be revealed soon!

At Status, we’ve always been fully committed to building software that defends our users’ civil liberties and remains loyal to the original web3 vision. That means we’ve refused to compromise on our founding principles for the sake of convenience or a quick release.

Of course, this has also meant development has taken longer than many in our community (ourselves included!) expected, but we’re finally getting close to delivering Status in the way we set out to. Now that we’re nearing the public releases of Status Desktop and Status Mobile and Keycard Pro development is ticking along, we’re ready to get to work on some fresh initiatives that will reinvigorate the Status community, unify the Status ecosystem, and put Status users in the driving seat.


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