V1.11 Release - Improved Keycard Support & More

V1.11 Release - Improved Keycard Support & More

on Feb 17, 2021

The team continues to make progress in improving Status and bringing fun, sticky, private, secure communication. In a relatively small release, 1.11 allows anyone with an existing Status account to migrate their keys onto a Keycard as well as Giphy support to make your chats more colorful :)

The Keycard hardware wallet provides an additional layer of security to Status with 2 primary features:

  1. 1
    Cold Storage and hardware enforced authorization of transactions - with private keys stored offline on the Keycard and full isolation between keys and the smartphone, you can add hardware-enforced authorizations for all transactions.
  2. 2
    Two-factor authentication for account login - Keycard can be used as a two-factor authentication method to log into a Status Account. You can require a physical tap of the card to their smartphone plus personal passcode entry for greater account security.

Up until now, owners of a Keycard had to generate a new account in Status and choose `Keycard` as the storage option for your keys.

Now, you can simply migrate your existing keys to a Keycard without having to generate a new account. Follow these simply steps:

  1. 1
    Update key management: Profile >> privacy and security >> Key management (only available after you have backed up your seed phrase)
  2. 2
    Enter your seed phrase
  3. 3
    Select Keycard

**Remember Keycard is currently only compatible with Android devices, iOS is coming soon.

Get a Keycard for only €24,90 here

Everyone loves a GIF to brighten up their chats. Version 1.11 introduces support for urls in private, group, and public chats. As Status puts privacy first, you will need to ensure link previews are enabled - Profile >> Privacy and security >> Chat link previews

V1.11 also makes some improvements to the overall Status experience. Improved compatibility with DApps creates a more seamless experience with your favorite DeFi, NFT, and other decentralized applications. Improvements to Status Nodes and fixes to Android notifications have been made for better performance with private, group chats and public chats.

Update in the App Store or Google Play if you do not have auto updates enabled.

The APK available is here.

For the full changelog, see Github.


  • Migrate existing account to Keycard (Android only)
  • The Graph (GRT) erc-20 token added to the default list
  • Add Giphy url support in chat


  • Improved compatibility with DApps
  • Sync with Status Nodes improvements


  • Fixes to Android notifications
  • UI fixes
  • Sluggish performance on private group chats bug
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