About changing your Status password
on Apr 17, 2024

Currently, you can't change your Status password.

Your Status password protects both your Status profile and associated Wallet accounts. Scenarios such as switching to another profile or signing transactions require your password.

Status doesn't know your password and cannot reset it for you. If you forget your password, you may lose access to your Status profile and wallet funds. If you lose your password, check out If you lose your Status password or recovery phrase for more information.

Unlike the keys and recovery phrase, the password you set is only valid when you can still access your Status profile. If you haven't used your profile for 30 days, you'll have to restore your profile and wallet accounts and create a new password for them.

If someone else knows your password, this person still can't log in to your profile or access your Wallet from a different device because these actions require your recovery phrase or syncing with your current device.

If you are concerned about someone accessing your profile using your current device, follow these steps:

Start with creating a new Status profile. You can use multiple profiles at the same time, so you're not losing access to your current profile. For more details on how to create an extra profile, check out Create and use additional Status profiles.

Each profile in Status is linked to a unique wallet account. If you use your password to approve transactions, someone else with access to your device can transfer your wallet funds. To secure your funds, transfer your remaining crypto to your new Status Wallet account.

You can delete your compromised profile to prevent anyone from accessing it. For more details on how to do that, check out Delete your Status profile