Vote! Name our Hardwallet

Vote! Name our Hardwallet

Guy-Louis Grau
on Nov 26, 2018

The Hardwallet team is moving at a fast pace towards launching a beta version to the community.  Apart from securing our development and production schedule, we are planning on how to frictionlessly get it into the hands of our community and of fellow projects that want to integrate it with their products.

As said right after Prague, we're missing something important … a name for it!

We have referred it up to now as hardware wallet lite, but this is arguably too long, and a bit cumbersome for a product that we will eventually bring to retail.

We have accumulated more than 50+ suggestions of new names from the community and status core contributors, and have filtered them down to 30 of them with the following criteria:

  • These names should be able to be used with or without Status in front of them. Without Status some were too generic, example given "Status Wallet » is not ok. We want to be able to say, « why don’t you get a XXXX, it’s done by Status"
  • Some of them did not work in other languages (had some other meaning defeating our purpose)
  • Some were already used by similar categories of product (hardwallets, smartcards)

We are putting up a vote for you to help us find the best name. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Starting on Monday November 26th at 09:00 GMT, go to either in the status browser, or your choice of web3 enabled browser wallet (Metamask etc)
  • Make sure that you have SNT in your wallet. (it costs nothing to vote, but the amount of SNT in your wallet does determine how many votes you can cast)
  • Vote :-)
  • The vote will be open from Monday 09:00 GMT until Wednesday November 28th at Midnight GMT.
Guy-Louis Grau
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