Bye bye hardwallet, you’re Keycard now!

Bye bye hardwallet, you’re Keycard now!

Guy-Louis Grau
on Dec 10, 2018

The vote to find the best name of our NFC smartcard hardware wallet took place between the 26th and the 28th of November using the Status voting dapp

Among the 30 options the community had proposed, the most voted option by the community is "Keycard" with 36,73%, so "Keycard" it is.

Here are some facts about the vote:

The vote was done using a token based quadratic voting Dapp. This means that:

  • Only people who had SNT in a wallet at the time the poll was created could vote.
  • The amount of SNT a person had informs their "voting credits". Votes on a name for the wallet requires the square of its vote. For example 1 vote costs one voting credit. 2 votes cost 4 voting credits and so on.
  • the 4 most voted choices were: Keycard (36,73% of votes), Stash (31,41%), Touch (15,42%), Liberty (2,15%).  The full voting results are available here.
  • There were 64 unique voters
  • 3, 653, 129 SNT were voted with.

The outcome of this was apparent with the winning name "Keycard". The Stash name had a whopping 2,363,978 SNT voted with, but this SNT came from a total of only 23 accounts. Keycard on the other hand only had 554,573 SNT voted with but from 43 accounts. Our voting system favoured the option that was voted with by more unique accounts rather than the option that had less voters but more SNT. In this way our voting system favours participation from many smaller token holders rather than a smaller group of large token holders.

The team is very happy with the name and will start renaming our various mentions of this products in our web pages, github repos, communication tools, and building a visual and brand identity for the product. We have chosen to build a brand identity for Keycard that is distanced from Status, to facilitate the usage of Keycard in third party projects. This means that we will not talk about Status Keycard, but simply Keycard. You can see the first iteration of the card's packaging here.

Guy-Louis Grau
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