v1.19 - Android Push Notifications & Syncing

v1.19 - Android Push Notifications & Syncing

Nick Bolduc
on Apr 07, 2022

What a month.

— Status (@ethstatus) March 28, 2022

Here’s Status 1.19, offering a more convenient, stable, and faster experience!

And they are opt-in, because we will never compromise on your privacy. The notification service (which offers more privacy in some dimensions) will remain the default. But for those of you that don’t need to (or care to) worry about whether Firebase handles your notifications, we also have a more user-friendly option now.

When retrieving messages (after a user was offline for a while), the messages are now synced in a more optimal order and you should be able to interact with the app more efficiently when this happens. Images and audio files are now loaded more efficiently, and should be much faster—also in particular, lots (30+) of images in a chat history should no longer noticeably affect performance. We have upgraded to the latest version of react-native-webview, fixing some issues with tornadocash and Mailserver timeouts have been fixed. “Fetch more messages” no longer appears if all history has already been fetched.

The initial cross-device experience was a bit rough, and is nothing like the buttery-smooth experience of using Status on multiple devices today. Clearing a conversation is now synced across devices. Browser bookmarks are now synced across devices. Some key privacy settings are now synced across all devices. Some specific edge cases where chats were not syncing have been fixed.

Update in the App Store or Google Play if you do not have auto updates enabled.

The APK available is here.

For the full changelog, see Github.


  • 💬 Re-open app on the last open chat (details)
  • 🪙 Support $UBI token (details)
  • 🔔 Implementation of remote android notifications (details)
  • 🔁 Sync clear history on paired devices (details)
  • 📑 Synchronize browser bookmarks/favorites across devices (details)
  • 🔕 Add mute option to android (details)
  • ⚙️ Sync settings (details)


  • Improve order of mailserver requests (details)
  • Load images from an https server (details)
  • Load audio messages from https server (details)
  • Show message timestamps on tap, remove from bubbles 🕙 (details)
  • Support PUK and seed recovery during onboarding (details)
  • Update react-native-webview (details)
  • Add group members to mentionable list (details)
  • Always use english for fallback text (details)
  • Disable chat input for chats with a blocked user (details)
  • Handle timeouts on mailserver requests (details)
  • Human Readable data display when signing using eth_signTypedData_v3 (details)


  • Bug/fix opensea api (details)
  • Show "Fetch more messages" only in public chats and communities (details)
  • Chats are not synced if delete and re-add them on the first device while the second device is offline (details)
  • Fix distortion of app theme due to change in system theme (details)
  • Unable to perform swap on if initial swap was cancelled by closing bottom sheet (details)
  • Error when trying to edit 'per-gas price limit' on (details)
  • Allow adding emoji in status input even if it exceeds limit (details)
  • Allow adding emoji to group intro message if it exceeds limit (details)
  • Use higher base fee value for default tx fee calculation (details)
  • Profile QR code overlaps share menu during sharing (IOS) (details)
  • No value in 'Gas amount limit' field in NFT dapps (details)
  • Stop showing fetch more button for cleared history (details)
  • Fix ens resolve issue while following deep link (details)
  • Fix deadlock on syncing all data (details)
  • Fix broken username and timestamp layout for long usernames (details)
Nick Bolduc
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