v1.17 Release - Private Profile Pics, Faster

v1.17 Release - Private Profile Pics, Faster

on Oct 28, 2021

Status v1.17 introduces private profile pictures, messenger and wallet improvements, and of course, lots of bug fixes. Get your new Status here.

Images can now be shared directly from Status to other applications, providing the messaging experience you're familiar with, but without the privacy violations.

On privacy, profile pictures are now visible only to contacts, by default. If you want to share your profile picture with the world (or with... nobody?), you can change this option in

SettingsPrivacy and securityShow your profile picture to...

Signal and Telegram also offer privacy options for profile pictures, although Telegram's default setting is public.

Community channels are now even more customizable. Color coded emoji thumbnails can be set to clearly identify your channels at a glance:

Surely this power will not be misused. 🍆

Multiple devices will now fully sync deleted chats, and changed/blocked/deleted contacts. Have you tried Status Desktop?

Sent messages can also now be deleted. (Yes, deleted messages are deleted for everyone.)

Navigation of chat UI has been ⚡ optimized ⚡, up to 4x+ faster in some areas.

The RARE token has been added to the default ERC20 token list.

Advanced users may now override the nonce when sending transactions.

Some compatibility issues with multisig wallet gas estimation have been fixed.

Update in the App Store or Google Play if you do not have auto updates enabled.

The APK available is here.

For the full changelog, see Github.

  • Move pull to refresh to the account overview screen (details)
  • Add push notification on group chat invite (details)
  • Add profile image in push notifications (details)
  • Enable UI for signing legacy txs on networks without eip1559 (details)
  • Doubled the character limit on timeline posts (details)

  • Don't show notifications from self (details)
  • Request permissions before saving images (details)
  • Re-enable amount/fee validation on tx signing (details)
  • Fix browser history sorting (details)
  • Fix show/hide password on Android (details)
  • Fix connecting dapps with status wallet freezes (details)
  • RPC URL is lower-cased when entered in URL field when adding (details)
  • Allow retrieving of profile updates after removing contact (details)
  • Fetch history on receiving pubchat installation (details)
  • Can't send funds to multisig - Out of gas (details)
  • Fix handling errors on eth_gasPrice (details)
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