Announcing the SNT Hodler Vote Results!

Announcing the SNT Hodler Vote Results!

on Jun 28, 2024

That’s a wrap – we just concluded the first SNT hodler vote! We’re thrilled that so many of you showed such enthusiasm for our proposals to expand and develop the Status ecosystem further.

Now that the votes are in and counted, the results have given us a lot to consider!

Our first NIP vote saw Status community members mobilise more than 32 million SNT from their hodlings. The results are as follows:

  • NIP-1 (SNT Staking Mechanism): 22 million SNT (67.7% of turnout)
  • NIP-3 (Status Layer-2 Rollup): 10 million SNT (30.99% of turnout)
  • NIP-2 (Pseudonymous Contact Discovery): 423,603 SNT (1.31% of turnout)

The results show that the Status community is somewhat divided over which New Initiative Proposal to tackle first. Both NIP-1 and NIP-3 are particularly popular options!

The good news is that each proposal is feasible, and now that we’ve released Status Desktop and Mobile in beta, we’re in a position to dedicate resources to their development. In fact, the two clear favourite proposals are actually complementary, which has made us consider developing them in tandem.

This SNT hodler vote was only the first of many future governance initiatives that will put the Status community at the heart of our development efforts. We’d like to thank everyone for their involvement and for sticking with us over the years.

Remember, all voters will receive XP for their participation in this vote (as well as for being an early user of either (or both!) of the Status Desktop and Mobile beta releases. We’ll be providing more details about our newly announced XP programme over the coming weeks and have some innovative ideas about how XP can complement our future governance initiatives. As soon as we have them finalised, we’ll share them with you!

We’ll spend the next few days discussing as a team how to put these results into action in a way that best represents the Status community’s wishes. As mentioned, we have a couple of ideas for how to achieve this but we’ll need to work out a few details before we can reveal a more comprehensive development plan.

Rest assured, whatever we come up with will bring enhanced utility to SNT, empower the community, and add value to the entire Status ecosystem.

Watch this space!

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