Re-Imagine Social at 0x Hack

Re-Imagine Social at 0x Hack

Jonny Zerah
on May 12, 2021

Join us May 14th - June 2 at 0x Hack, the borderless, open & decentralized online coding marathon, as we give talks, sit on panels, and host bounties to re-imagine and rebuild social networks that take back control from the Web2 giants.

The past year has seen crypto burst into the mainstream with DeFi and NFTs, but there is another conversation bubbling up across the twitter-sphere and community at large – “Crypto Social”. Developers, designers, thinkers, and makers are all talking about the potential crypto and blockchain can have on the way we communicate, organize, connect, and socialize.

Enabling free, open, uncensored communication has always been core to the Status mission, and now is the time to push this vision into a reality. Legacy social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Reddit, Clubhouse, and Discord to name a few are highly centralized platforms that hold the power to control the networks how they wish. We have seen this in numerous censorship events, updates to privacy policies, and selling of data at any chance they get. Not to mention, these highly centralized companies become massive attack vectors for malicious actors to obtain and exploit our personal data and information.


Status is proud to present a $10,000 Bounty Pool at 0x Hack “Re-imagine Social”. We are calling the community to re-think how social networks can be built with crypto and decentralized technology.

Bounty #1 - Build A Social DApp That Connects To The Status Wallet - 5,000 DAI

We are looking for you to create any social dapp that flexes the power of what crypto social can unlock. This can be anything from a decentralized Twitter, Instagram to show off NFTs, or anything that enables people to connect with their community. It can be a social+finance Dapp that allows communities to leverage community funds. Anything that re-imagines social

You can leverage Status public channels for communication directly from your Dapp as well.

Bounty details here.

Bounty #2 - Design a Social Profile for Status users - 2,000 DAI

Social applications rely on clever ways to present yourself and your identity. Status and crypto social enable anyone to control their privacy and how they reveal themselves to the world.

With Status, when generating an account, a randomization process selects three words – Adjective, adjective, animal. This becomes your default username in Status and results in true pseudo-anonymity. Also, during the account generation process, a chat and wallet keypair will be generated via a BIP43 derived path from a BIP39 mnemonic seed phrase.

Bounty details here.

Bounty #3 - Leverage Waku-JS For Private Messaging - 3,000 DAI

This bounty encourages you to build apps powered by decentralised communication. The WakuJS library enables your dapps, wallets and other webapps to run on the waku network, a decentralised peer-to-peer communication infrastructure.

Private direct messaging, chat rooms, notifications or layer-2 coordination, are a few of the possible use cases that can benefit from waku.

For this bounty, build or enhance an app with js-waku. Here are some ideas:

  • Drop in trollbox
  • Direct messaging between dapp users
  • Anonymize Ethereum transaction submission with Waku

More inspiration and details in the bounty here.

  • Talk: Enabling decentralized communications with WakuJS
  • Presenter: Franck Royer
  • Date & Time: 5/17/2021 11:00 CEST

Franck Royer, team lead of js-waku, will be discussing WakuJS and how to enable decentralized communication within your applications and products.  

  • Talk: Communities 3.0
  • Presenter: Simona Pop
  • Date & Time: 5/26/2021 11:00 CEST

Simona Pop, Head of Community at Status, will discuss the possibilities crypto can unlock for the future of communities. She will talk about the current restrictions of existing community platforms and what the future holds for Community 3.0.

  • Panel: NFT Panel
  • Participant: Simona Pop
  • Date & Time: 5/20/2021 16:00 CEST

We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and if you have any questions, join us in the Status Channel in the 0xHack Discord server

Jonny Zerah
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