Milestones. Communities. All Time Highs. 2K DAI

Milestones. Communities. All Time Highs. 2K DAI

Jonny Zerah
on Jan 21, 2021

As Status hits a milestone with 6.9k active peers in the network, 500k+ total installs, and 300k active installs, we’re celebrating by giving away 2,000 DAI to the community. Join the public channel #statusstrong, react with the ❤️ on the post, and enter to win 50 DAI.

2021 is off to a wild start. We’ve seen record transaction numbers on Ethereum, Crypto prices skyrocket, WhatsApp announce changes in their privacy policy, and Status unique active peers reaching an all time high. To celebrate this momentum, we are recognizing the active community in Status and giving away a total of 2,000 DAI to the Status community. 20 web3 loving community members will be randomly selected to win 50 DAI each.

Follow these simple steps to enter a chance to win 50 DAI:

  1. 1
    Join the Status public channel #statusstrong
  2. 2
    React to the post from the Head of Community - @simona / "Nautical Greenyellow Canine handle with a ❤️ emoji by tomorrow January 22, 2021 at 11:59pm GMT+1
  3. 3
    And that’s it!


  • Status cares about your privacy. So be aware that when entering a public channel and reacting to the post, your chat key is will be know to the community.
  • Be sure to react to the post specified from @simona / "Nautical Greenyellow Canine and be careful of any phishing attempts.
  • Be certain that the DM follow up to the winners is from the specific account and to be careful of phishing*

Anyone who reacts to the post from Simona shown above will be entered into a completely random draw. We’ll announce 10 winners each day for 4 days in the #statusstrong channel so make sure you keep an eye on it to see if you won. Official rules here

DAI will be sent directly to the winners via Status chat, so be sure to check for our private message too ;)

Since the beginning of the year, Status has seen solid growth in both active installs and unique active peers in the network. The first is quite easy to understand, the second may need a bit of clarity:

  1. 1
    300k Active Installs: This is the number of people who have Status installed on their device. This is a metric taken from the App Store and Playstore.
  2. 2
    6,912 Unique Daily Peers: As Status does not implement any in-app analytics, it’s challenging to identify monthly active users (MAU’s), which is the standard measurement for apps. Instead, we can look at activity on the network and identify unique peers. This is the number of peers on a given day, such as this stats snapshot from  January 10th. It represents a 250% increase since the beginning of the year. Status now has over 500k total installs and 300k active installs.

Since the WhatsApp privacy scandal, we've seen a sharp spike in the number of unique peers within the Status Network, reaching our all-time of 6,912.

People are beginning to take their privacy into their own hands. This is only the beginning.

— Status (@ethstatus) January 14, 2021

Growing a network is challenging especially while going up against some of the giants of web2. Fortunately, there’s a passionate community of like minded people actively growing the network, chatting in the channels, inviting friends, making feature requests, and even contributing code. Most notably the Status Ambassadors and more recently the Status Punks - a grassroots group formed inside of Status dedicated to educating the world about the product.

We want to thank EVERYONE who has been part of the journey and we look forward to the bright future ahead. Stay tuned for a detailed outline of future plans and strategy moving forward.

** Official Rules here. Unfortunately, the sweepstakes is unavailable for residents of the United States  as well as all Singapore Embargoed Countries or Swiss Embargoed Countries.

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Jonny Zerah
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