Join Status for a Virtual PartyParty Saturday March 14th!

Join Status for a Virtual PartyParty Saturday March 14th!

Joanne Eberhardt
on Mar 14, 2020

In the wake of mass closings of offices, schools, conference cancellations and crazy toilet paper fights, your friends at Status have joined forces with Cryptovoxels and Cryptowiener to create an event unlike any other. Set in a virtual world, we will gather and make merry. Our favorite conferences might have been cancelled this year, but nothing beats grabbing a Bier and Leberas Semmerl with your favorite peeps this Saturday!  

As concerns over Covid-19 rise, people around the world are rethinking large in-person gatherings. We’ve been advised to cancel parties, events and conferences and many companies are urging employees to work from home. At Status we believe health and wellness is paramount and are taking steps to inform and prepare ourselves. We must embrace this change and the fact that the coronavirus may reshape the way we work and approach large gatherings by supporting the development and success of virtual alternatives.

Conferences have been happening for ages and viewed by many as ‘the place’ to go for exchanging ideas and networking for respective industries. But the time has come for change and we couldn’t be more excited.

Virtual events are an answer to being stuck in conference halls, shoulder-to-shoulder with random people, sitting in stiff chairs and shelling out for overpriced tickets. People who are not able to travel will now be able to attend, and you never know who you could bump into when the entire world is invited to a party. Those are just a few reasons why we are really excited about supporting virtual events and we can’t wait to see where it goes!

We are kicking off this virtual event spree by sponsoring PartyParty 2.0 on Cryptovoxels this Saturday. From live music and skydiving to free wearables and an SNT airdrop this is one virtual event you don’t want to miss.

Concert Stage At 8 Chiller Walk, near Moon in Origin City (329E,126N) , CryptoVoxels. This link will drop you right into the venue. Click TAB for controls (and F to fly).

Saturday March, 14th. 4PM-12AM (GMT+1)

Drop in using the link above, or you can RSVP on Kickback. The Kickback RSVP costs 10.00 DAI, but Kickback is a platform where you get your DAI back if you are confirmed to attend the event. (bonus DAI if others do not show up, then their deposit is split between those that did RSVP and attend.)

Nobody will know you’re not wearing pants!

For more info join the Cryptowiener friendly Discord community or pop into the Status mobile app chat channel #partyparty.

Joanne Eberhardt
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