Status Devs Meeting #14 - March 11, 2019

Status Devs Meeting #14 - March 11, 2019

Jonny Zerah
on Mar 11, 2019

The focus is still on delivering the white paper promises and SNT Utility features outlined. Swarms are focused and making steady progress.

Meeting Date/Time: Monday 2019-03-11 at 13:00 UTC
Agenda & Raw Notes: tbd
Status Public Channel: #status-core-devs
Swarm List:
Notes from all Core Dev calls:

Sticker Market is nearly complete and the contract is now being audited. This is the final step before the release.

Browser Swarm - EIP712 allows a different way to sign data implemented by Andrey. This has been requested by a number of external DApp developers. Progress is being made on separating the DApps and Chats within the UI.

New Swarm around Extensions push to get out of Alpha to ensure scope is agreed upon and there is ownership of the work.

Tribute to Talk - Fixed the tool bar and next step is to make it a component. Final stages in implementing the chat UI. Some outstanding items to be defined this week such as versioning of TtT contract.

DApp Store - in tandem with browser changes, the team is implementing early designs and are working with third parties for implementation. Currently finalizing the contact and preparing it for audit. Aiming for SNT ranking into it within the next 1-2 months pending contract audit.

Teller Network - finishing escrow workflow and UI details. Created a data seeding system to automate a number of actions. Looking to deploy a new version to Rinkeby soon.

DAO - currently analyzing next steps.

Embark - fixing any bugs now ahead of v4 Beta this week. V4 version to be released next week.

Core - released  hot fix last week and made some changes to bottom navigation - tabs are now persistent throughout the mobile app.

Security - starting a retainer with security firm Trail of Bits and also kicking off the private stage of the bug bounty program with Hacker One.

Keycard - almost feature complete for te alpha version of the keycard integration with Status for Android. Need to complete transactions singing which should be complete in about 1 week. Also working on improving the log in speed.

Jonny Zerah
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