SNT is Status’ community token

Curate the Status Community Directory, vote on future development priorities and reserve your ENS name, all with SNT.

SNT is an ERC-20 token that helps to govern, access and power the decentralised Status applications, services and p2p networks.

The Status community is continuously considering new uses for the token, for example SNT staking.

Vote for communitiesHelp curate the communities that all Status users will see in the Community Directory by voting with your SNT.
Help prioritise initiativesPlay a part in prioritising new Status initiatives by upvoting proposals that you would like to see actioned.
Create ENS nameLock up SNT to generate your ENS subdomain to have a personalised and easy-to-use address.
A trusted tokenHas served, been used by and provided utility to the Status community since its launch in 2017.Messari disclosure registry
ResearchContributors from around the world conduct research on possible future use cases for SNT.Join the discussion
Always improvingCheck back frequently to learn about exciting new use cases for putting your SNT to work with Status.Visit our blog