The future is multi-chain

L2s made simple - send and manage your crypto easily and safely across multiple networks.
Mobile app screenshot showing the wallet main page where the user can see at a glance their current balance in fiat, accounts, assets, collectibles and recent activity
Mobile app screenshot showing a wallet account main page where the user can see the account's current balance in fiat, see the respective assets, collectibles and recent account activity as well as perform actions like buy, send, receive and bridge tokens
Top portion of a mobile app screenshot showing a wallet transaction: a user is using one of their accounts to transfer a token amount to another user using multi-chain bridging
Mobile app screenshot showing a wallet account summary card where the user is able to see at a glance the current balance in fiat, overall metrics and conversion

Fully Decentralised Networks

Status supports blockchain networks that are fully committed to decentralisation.
Currently supported networks
True multi-chain experience

All networks, all the time. See all your assets and NFTs in one place, even if spread across multiple blockchains.

Can be used as ‘single chain at a time’ wallet

You can treat it like other wallets by selecting individual chains manually. But once you've tried the Status ‘all chains, always’ way of doing things, you won't want to go back.

Mobile app screenshot showing the multi-chain experience included in the wallet feature of the app: the user is able to see all their assets and NFTs in one place, even if spread across multiple blockchains
Simple token sending

Select token, amount and press “Send”. Need to bridge between blockchains? Status does this automatically.

Cost efficient

Status automatically calculates the cheapest way of moving tokens from A to B, considering: gas prices, chains your tokens are on, chains the recipient uses, and bridge costs. All in real time.

Full control for power users

Select exact amounts to send from each blockchain, and precisely set the chains the recipient will receive funds on.

Pro user? You can edit:

Gas limit, max base fee, max priority fee, input data and nonce value for every transaction in each transaction bundle. If you really want to...

Use case

Alice has 50 DAI on both Ethereum Mainnet and Optimism and wants to send 100 DAI to Bob on Arbitrum.

Select the token
Select the amount
That’s it!Lowest possible cost!
Finally! Multi-chain done right!
Interested in how Status’ send with auto routing and bridging works and helps users?
eth:opt:arb:0xA1af4fa eth:opt:arb:0xA1af4fa
eth:opt:arb:0xA1af4fa eth:opt:arb:0xA1af4fa
New address format

A way for wallets to automatically signal which chains they can receive funds on. So you don't have to.

On the path to adoption

Status is working with other wallets to ensure EIP-3770 with multiple chain shortName prefixes becomes the new ethereum address standard.

EIP-3770 format:


Total balance graphs

Who doesn’t want to see how their ‘crypto portfolio number’ has gone up or down over time?

Graphs that do maths

Everything is taken into account: fluctuations in fiat exchange rates, daily valuation updates of every crypto asset you hodl, and how your balance changes when tokens are sent/received.

Take control
of your crypto

No one (including Status!) has the power to freeze, lock-out or stop a Status user from accessing and transacting their tokens.
Ethereum based assetsWe support all assets in the Uniswap Labs default tokenlist and those minted by communities using Status.
NFTs and collectiblesWe will display all NFTs and collectibles listed on OpenSea plus those minted by communities using Status.

Be unstoppable

Use the open source, decentralised crypto communication super app.
iOS & Android beta early access is open.
Desktop beta 2 is live!