Announcing the #stick2web3 Sticker Market Competition with over $1,500 in Prizes

Announcing the #stick2web3 Sticker Market Competition with over $1,500 in Prizes

Andy Boyan
on Feb 20, 2020

Status, Pictosis, OpenSea, Meme Factory and ENS are launching the #stick2web3 Sticker Market Competition beginning Thursday February, 20 2020, with a prize pool of over $1,500 for winning submissions!

#stick2web3 will celebrate the incredible web3 design community and feature their work which will be available for purchase in the Status App. All proceeds from sticker sales go directly to the artist. Simply put, we need your stickers in our recently released Status App.

The Sticker Market is a highly anticipated feature within Status as it enables users to have a bit of fun inside chat. Stickers offer a fun way for users to visually interact with their friends and family, and increase engagement levels within messaging apps.

WHO: Similar to the last Sticker Market Design Competition - #stickerheads, if you’re a person, then you qualify to participate in the competition. Sorry, unicorns and other mythical animals.

WHAT: A Sticker Design Competition split up into 2 Phases:

  • Phase 1 - Artists will create 1-5 sticker designs will create sticker designs that represent web3, decentralization, general memeness, and any of the partner projects in any way they would like. Artists will post their work on Pictosis and share their designs on Twitter with the #stick2web3 hashtag.  Check out the winning designs from last year's Sticker Market competition #stickerheads for inspiration.
  • Phase 2 - The top 5 designs from Phase 1 with the most in Pictosis and another top 5 chosen by our guest judges (from our partner projects) will move on to a community vote in the SNT Voting DApp.

WHERE: Artists will submit their work to the Pictosis Platform for official judging and to twitter using the hashtag #stick2web3. Remember, the community is in control here and will vote vote for the best work in Pictosis.


  • Phase 1 - The contest submission begins right now - Thursday, February 20th 2020, until a hard stop at 5pm CEST on Friday, March 13th 2020.
  • Phase 2 - The community and our panel of judges will select the top 10 designs on Pictosis and notify the 10 artists with the most ratings & selections by the judges panel. Monday, March 16th, the top 10 winners will be announced, and voting on the Status Voting Dapp will begin. There will be a hard stop at 5pm CEST on Friday March 20th. Winners will be announced after the vote is finalized and artists have been contacted and confirmed!

Prizes will be distributed to the 10 finalists as follows:

1st Place: $900 in SNT, DAI, Picto tokens, $DANK tokens, and select NFTs from OpenSea and Meme Factory. Plus the winning sticker pack will be featured in the Status App Sticker Market as the competition winner, where 100% of the commissions will go directly to the winning artist.

2nd place: $300 in SNT, DAI, Picto tokens, $DANK tokens, and select NFTs from OpenSea and Meme Factory.

3rd place: $100 in SNT, DAI, Picto tokens, $DANK tokens, and select NFTs from OpenSea and Meme Factory.

4th: $60 in tokens and prizes.

5th: $40 in tokens and prizes.

6th - 10th place: $20 in tokens and prizes.

All submitting artists are encouraged to submit sticker packs to the Sticker Market at the conclusion of the contest. Information about submitting to the Sticker Market will be provided. All sticker pack revenue in the Status App goes directly to the artists who submit.

ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is a decentralized DNS service for Ethereum addresses to give Eth addresses human readable names, secure by smart contracts on Ethereum. ENS technology allows users to have custom, branded names in the Status chat app and across web3.

Meme Factory is a platform for the creation, issuance, and exchange of provably rare digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. Meme Factory users submit original memes to a community run list generally known as a token curated registry, and specifically known as the Dank Registry. Token holders of a newly minted token, the DANK token, then decide which memes are added to the registry through an economically incentivized voting game.

OpenSea is the largest general marketplace for crypto collectibles, with the broadest set of categories, the most items, and the best prices. They accomplish this through a community of passionate users and developers, and partnership with game developers to create customizable storefronts for users to automatically buy and sell their crypto collectibles. OpenSea is collaborating with Status on the future of the Sticker market and NFTs in the Status App, and is contributing generously to the prize pool.

Pictosis is a playground for designers that love to collaborate in creative projects to solve challenges together with innovative brands & organizations. A platform to empower creative freedom & collaboration globally to solve high quality design tasks enabling a new game-changer mindset for the future of work. Pictosis is leveraging their platform to host the competition, and contributing generously to the prize pool.

The Status Network is an open set of mission-based projects building peer-to-peer technologies for people to transact securely, communicate freely, and organize with confidence. Status recently launched v1 of the Status App, the world’s first fully combined decentralized messenger, crypto wallet, and Dapp browser into a powerful, private, and secure communication tool.

Andy Boyan
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