Import a wallet account onto Keycard and use it in Status
on Jul 18, 2024

Status app is currently in beta stage
The Status app is currently in its beta stage. This means the application is still undergoing active development, and certain features described in this document may function differently or be unavailable within the app.
Currently, you can only use Keycard on the Status desktop app.

If you already have a crypto wallet account with another app like Metamask or Trust Wallet, it's possible to access and use it in Status Wallet and protect it with Keycard. The wallet account must be for Ether or other ERC-20 tokens.

To do so, you import the wallet account onto your Keycard by entering the recovery phrase.

Your wallet account lives on the Ethereum blockchain. You can access it from many wallet apps, including Status. Adding your account to Status doesn't remove it from other wallets you use.
If you want to use your Keycard with your Status profile or Wallet, check out Secure your Status profile or Wallet with Keycard.

  1. 1
    From the tab bar, click
    , then click
    Import or restore via seed phrase
  2. 2
    Plug in your Keycard using a card reader, and allow the connection if you see a security alert from your computer.
  3. 3
    Enter the recovery phrase of the account you want to import or restore.
  4. 4
    Create and confirm a six-digit PIN for your Keycard. Then click
  5. 5
    Enter a name to identify your Keycard and click
  6. 6
    Name your account, select a colour, and pick an emoji by clicking the default one. To create additional accounts, click
    Add another account
    . Otherwise, click
    Finalise Keycard
  7. 7
    to complete.
After importing the wallet account, you can generate new accounts using the Keycard.
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on Jul 18, 2024
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