Customize membership request notifications
on May 15, 2024

Status app is currently in beta stage
The Status app is currently in its beta stage. This means the application is still undergoing active development, and certain features described in this document may function differently or be unavailable within the app.
Currently, you can only customize membership request notifications in the Status mobile app.

If manual request approval is required to join your community, you receive a notification every time someone requests to join.

There are three notification options you can choose from:

Notification on
In notification centre only
Notifications off
. For each one of them, follow the same procedure and use the table below as a reference.

Since there's currently no way to customize notifications in the Status Desktop app, you can mute all notification if you are receiving too many notification requests.

  1. 1
    From the tab bar, tap
  2. 2
    Tap the community you want to customize membership request notifications and, in the top navigation, tap
    More options
  3. 3
    Notification settings
  4. 4
    Join Requests
  5. 5
    Choose your notification preference.
Notifications onTurn this on if you want to see notifications banners and lock screen notifications.
In notification centre onlyTurn this on to receive subtle notifications without banners. You need to unlock your phone to see your notifications.
Notifications off Turn this off if you don't want to receive notifications.