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Third-party tools disclaimer and user responsibility
on Jul 18, 2024

In this user documentation, we may refer you to and instruct you on the use of certain third party products, services or tools ("Third Party Tools").

You acknowledge that we do not control nor operate the Third Party Tools and that these are products, services or tools that are respectively provided or operated by others and not by us. Furthermore, in principle, we do not provide any advice, recommendation, support or endorse such Third Party Tools.

Please note that when you use these Third Party Tools that there may be applicable terms and conditions, including privacy policies which govern your use of the Third Party Tools, and you should read these carefully if available.

You are solely responsible for your use of such Third Party Tools and as such, Status will not be liable to you for any harm or losses you may suffer or incur if you use such Third Party Tools. If you have any technical issues or other issues with any of these Third Party Tools, you should contact the relevant third party or appropriate point of contact directly (if any).

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on Jul 18, 2024
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